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Digital Media : A Booming Industry

Digital Media

Media is something that applies to a lot of things in this century, the 21st century. We are talking about mass media to news media, to even traditional media. Digital media is everywhere. There are so many examples of media in our everyday lives. Before the advent of the digital age, the most popular kinds of media were radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, journals and more. Because of the technological revolution that the world went through, distant media is something that has enveloped the planet. Especially in the Covid-19 pandemic, people consumed a lot of digital media. Digital media was our only escape from the horrible pandemic that had plagued our lives.

Digital MediaLet us define digital media. Unlike traditional kinds of media, digital media is transmitted as additional data which at its simplest form, involves digital cables or even sending binary signals to satellites. The device is later translate them into video, graphics, text, audio and more. Any time that you are using a tablet, cell phone or even a computer, and if you are using the internet, you are consuming digital media. For example, if you go to YouTube, and if you watch a video, you are consuming digital media.

Digital media can come in the form of articles, advertisements, music, videos, virtual reality, audiobooks, digital art and more. I am a person who consumes digital media almost every single moment of my day. I don’t wake up without listening to a song; I don’t go to bed without watching a funny video on YouTube or without binging my favourite comedy on Netflix.

Digital MediaThe internet is something that makes sure that digital media is something that is accessible to almost everybody who has a device. It is something that is common in almost every single household. Everybody has a laptop nowadays; everybody has a smartphone. Since we have these devices, it is extremely easy to consume digital media all the time. Even if you use Instagram, you are consuming media in a digital form.

I feel that the most popular form of digital media is video. Videos are the easiest form of learning something. If you want to laugh, watch a video that’s funny. If you want to listen to a song, watch its music video, you will get a better idea about what the song is about. A lot of digital media outlets are visual, because we are so addicted to streaming. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus are some streaming platforms that are making so much money, because of the general public.

Digital MediaDigital media has become something that has successfully encompassed a huge array of websites, technological devices, and so many platforms on the planet. It is definitely not something that will slow down in the future.

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