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Engaging and Interacting with Prospects is a primary goal of all DMC videos. To this end, our videos have been used in numerous business applications:

Human Resources

Give your company an advantage in Recruiting over text only advertising with DMC Job Clips® (videos about a specific job), Employer/Departmental Profiles and DMC Customized Landing Pages. Our Recruitment Videos have a 15 year proven track record of success.

Customized Job Clip IVB™

Employer Profiles

US Bank Landing Page


What’s the old adage? “The key to promotion is to never stop promoting.” With DMC promotional videos you can afford to constantly promote and refresh your message as often as you wish. Driving Traffic to your place of business doesn’t have to be expensive.

Western Carolina University Basketball

Western Carolina University Football

Ray’s Seafood Restaurant

Product Videos

If demonstrating your product is the most effective way to sell it, then DMC can build product videos for you either on-site or with content you send us - and that includes Selfies.

Kranks Bluetooth Headphones

Elmer Golf On-Site

Service Videos

Oftentimes the most important part of a service oriented business is the person providing the Service. With DMC you can use video to differentiate your company and effectively build your company’s image by featuring the service providers in your company.

Image Makers Salon Standard

Spanish Hapkido Premium

Spanish Law Firm Premium

Company Profiles

Producing a video about your company enables you to create your company’s image in the marketplace. DMC has built thousands for company profile videos for all types of businesses with any sized budget.

Home Advisor On-Site Video

Spanish Dentist On-Site

Tankerman Career Academy

Admiral Farragut Academy Videos

Crowdfunding and Fundraising

When it comes to building awareness and communicating a message successfully in order to raise funds, online video has proven to be enormously successful. DMC has been actively involved in helping start-ups and charities raise funds with affordable videos that work.

Boulder Cookie (100% funded on Kickstarter) Premium

Catholic School On-Site Video

BMP Charity Golf Tournament

Training Videos

Many companies need to train employees in the use of equipment or to comply with safety regulations. Video is an excellent way to ensure the correct message is delivered to all your employees.

If your company needs to have large volume of online videos produced affordably and on a turnkey basis, then DMC may be the company for you. We invite you to watch our Overview and Product Videos. We can be contacted by email or phone.