Maximize Revenue With Video!

The world of video is exploding, especially in terms of online audience and advertising revenue.

The question is: Are you maximizing your revenue and profit from these trends?

If you feel that there is more to be gained, then we invite you to explore Digital Media Communications — the leader in providing print and online multimedia publishers with customized video products – for the web, mobile devices, internet TV, kiosks, elevators, retail displays and private label broadcast TV shows.

For over 16 years DMC has earned its Leadership position by steadfastly following some simple rules:

  • We focus on helping our clients earn millions of dollars from videos, and we have the proven track record of these results.
  • We provide our clients with a dedicated staff to assist with marketing, launching, and training. The DMC team has years of experience in the publishing, online and directory industries to make sure our sales force training in the field, in the classroom and in the telephone contact center brings you results.
  • We have an unwavering commitment to be the technological leader for our clients.

Digital Media Communications, Inc.

Digital Media Communications, Inc is a video production, sales and marketing business that specializes in serving online and print publishers with videos that drive revenue.

Our core business disciplines are:

  • Large volume, rapid turnaround, economical, turnkey and high quality video production
  • Optimizing the integration, design, and programming of web videos for your website
  • Augmenting videos for the largest search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Ask
  • Television show production and media buying
  • Delivering videos in other types of media, such as mobile devices, IPTV from AT&T, kiosks, in-flight screens, elevators, and retail stores, etc.
  • Training inside and outside sales forces
  • On-site DMC employee for client fulfillment

History Of Innovation!

DMC was originally known as JobsTV when founded in March 1996. The concept of JobsTV was to use classified ad content to build broadcast quality video commercials and assemble them into a TV program – in less than 48 hours.

Today DMC has 12 inside and outside sales training professionals and produces almost 5,000 videos every week for over 140 print and online publishers. These videos are seen on publisher websites, as private label TV shows, on mobile devices, kiosks and other types of media. In 2007, DMC built over 250,000 videos and delivered over 50 terabytes of video online.